On February 25, 2017 in the city of Zamora and with the support of the AMZ, (Zamorana Motorcycle Association), a small official presentation of the PARS was made.

In this presentation were people distinguished from the world of the motorcycle as: The pilot Nico Terol, journalist Valentin Requena, editor of the magazine Motorcycling Augusto Moreno Carlos and the vice president and director of the motorcycle driving school of the AMM Miguel Angel Serna among others.

Do not want to miss this presentation several media such as Motorcycling magazine, newspaper El Mundo, and different digital media,

Where a demonstration of this system was performed, which also had the opportunity to test members of the DGT assistants, Nico Terol and the media present, all of whom were surprised by the effectiveness of the system.

A national presentation will follow soon.